NBA 2K13 Online Association Join Now! Click for Details

Posted November 5, 2012 by 2KUpdates in News

So I decided to make an Online Association for NBA 2K13 to get the community involved and have some fun. Xbox 360 only!

Must follow me on Twitter and tell me your Gamertag and the team you picked so i can write it down.


The Association is called ” NBA2K4LIFE” all capital.. You go to association and search that and join.

Before you join, understand that you do have to be active and finish your games or you will be KICKED

Also follow @NBA2K4LIFE for daily site updates and NBA 2K13 updates.


  • SteelerCop

    Xbox 360

    Gamer Tag: Edog Rules

    League Name/ID: Ballers/1433601

    Password: 12345

    Join by Sunday 2pm…draft is at 2:30pm


  • LilTerry1197

    Online association name JOHNNY
    . ID 529200
    password gators
    5Minutes Hall of fame*****

  • Jordan

    join my draft league for XBOX 360, League name is The One, League ID is 288107, password is winners, draft is on 12/28/12 12:00 Noon pacific time

  • i would like to join my psn name is isplitzwigz2012

  • matt

    im making a online association for 1600 msp every season must be active send friend request to likea boss95 if you wanna join the o in boss is a zero

  • 9th ward

    I would like to join my gamer tag is flyyphamgrafety

  • jonathan

    yoo im starting an association ina few days its named NBA2k13 its on allstar with 6min quarters and its a 29game season and the password is nba2k13 il change the date if i get enough people in this its set for tomorrow 7:10ET and its for the xbox360

  • jonathan

    yoo im trying to join my gamer tag is jcepedax401

    • Hi,
      Search NBA2K4LIFE the password is supman3

    • Simon2K4LIFE

      Hey, Search NBA2K4LIFE, The password is supman3

  • bryan may

    i would like to join your league please.gamertag bman1134.

  • Marcus

    I’m trying 2 join also gamer tag DADAWG706

  • bigval1441

    I searched ur league but i don’t know the password.
    my gsmertag is “BIGVAL1441”

    Obviously. Looking to join a bball league

    • The password is supman3

    • Simon2K4LIFE

      The password is supman3

  • The password is supman3 for the ppl having trouble

  • Johannes

    Which team did you choose ?

  • Snake

    Looking to join draft league nba2k13