Which are your 5 favorites Signature Skills for your MyPlayer in NBA 2K13?

Posted November 4, 2012 by Simon in News

As you already know, one of the new features for NBA 2K13 is « Signature Skills » which are designed to differentiate players beyond just their base ratings.

Now, you can choose 5 signature skills in MyCareer mode to improve your Player. So, the question is “which 5 Signature Skills are you choosing for your MyPlayer?”.

So, are you a posterizer, a finisher, an acrobat, a shot creator or a corner specialist? If you don’t remember all the 31 Signature Skills you can read the complete list here.

Now, you just have to suggest us your top 5 adding comments on the footer. In a few weeks we’ll publish your Top 5 in NBA2K4LIFE.


  • Emmanuel Omosanya

    starting point guard detroit pistons also star player
    3.One man Fastbreak
    5.Gatorade preform pack

  • John Paul Alcos

    Starter – And Star Player – PF/C All-around 6’9
    1. Posterizer
    2. Deadeye
    3.On court Coach
    4.Lockdown Defender
    5. Post Proficiency

  • Raph S

    Star Player 3 Point Specialist PG for Pacers
    1. Deadeye
    2. Shot creator
    3. Scrapper
    4. Closer
    5. Gatorade Prime Pack

  • clip 25

    all round PG/SG

    1. Finisher
    2. bruiser
    3. ankle breaker
    4. lockdown defender
    5. on the court couch (you can change it to acrobat)

  • 6’8″ SF





    5.Shor creator

  • Ibok

    6’10” 245 Lbs SF/SG

    1. Lockdown Defender

    2. Shot Creator

    3. Deadeye

    4. Post Proficiency

    5. Finisher

  • Ibok

    6’8″ 235 Lbs Defensive Minded SG/SF

    1. Lockdown Defender

    2. Pick Pocket

    3. Interceptor

    4. Scrapper

    5. Defensive Anchor

  • Ibok

    6’4″ 215 Lbs PG/SG

    1. Floor General

    2. Dimer

    3. Pick Pocket

    4. Ankle Breaker

    5. Scrapper

  • Ibok

    7’0″ 285 Lbs Center

    1. Posterizer
    2. Bruiser
    3. Post Proficiency
    4. Brick Wall
    5. Scrapper

  • 61Parker

    6’6″ all-around shooting guard




    4.Lockdown Defender

    5.Shot Creater

  • Jose Mejia

    6’4 Shooting Guard
    Finisher- To Finish With Strength Around Tg
    Shot Creator- Make leaner or off dribble shots
    Closer- Being Clutch
    Acrobat- Change shot in air without missing the layup.
    Gatorade Prime Pack- To not be tired in 1st Quarter

    • Wesley Moody

      Thank you i could not for the life of me get my 5 together because they got me starting as the pg in place of Lin but i think this 5 will work out perfectly

  • 2kGod

    6’11 slashing sf
    posterizer- dunks on everyone
    finisher- incase they keep u away from the rim
    shot creator-to shoot 3s off the dribble
    closer- for close games
    scrapper- to get alot more rebounds

  • dead-eye

    spot up shooter
    shot creator

  • Eddie

    7’0″ rebounding center

    1. Brick wall – works well for screen and roll or to get your shooters open.
    2. Scrapper – get almost all the rebounds and loose balls.
    3. Hustle points – higher percentage for offensive putbacks.
    4. Finisher – to finish in the lane during pick and roll.
    5. Bruiser – a cheating skill because your matchup’s energy get’s drained so quickly the opposing coach is forced to sub in scrubs.

  • 6’3 195 Athletic PG PS3 Tag: Theelusiveone. Look for me. Lets run.

    1. shot creator

    2. Finisher or Posteriser

    3. Lock down

    4. pocket picker

    5. dimer

  • 6’0″ point guard


    2.shot creator



    5.lockdown defender

    my second top 5 signature skills

    1.quick hands

    2.post proficiency

    3.spot up shooter



  • cote bell

    6″7 SG 3pt specialest
    1) Finsher
    3) Ankle Breaker
    4) Shot creater
    5) Posteriser

  • Kevin

    Highlight Film
    Shot Creator

  • Skills for my point guard:
    1. Gatorade prime pack-because I play the entire 1st quarter and it keeps me at full energy the entire quarter.
    2. Dimer-because all PG’s need to be good at passing.
    3. Finisher-because it makes you stronger when doing layups.
    4. Floor general-makes my teammates better on offence.
    5. Defensive anchor-makes my teammates better on defense.

  • Current Sigs for my pass-first, shoot-threes-second Point Guard:
    1. Dimer
    2. Alley-Ooper
    3. Floor General
    4. Microwave
    5. Heat Retention

  • Dmac

    My favorites Signature Skills:
    1) Gatorade Prime Pack
    2) Finisher
    3) Acrobat
    4) Floor General
    5) Dimer

  • Lebron06

    My favorites Signature Skills:
    1) Posterizer
    2) Finisher
    3) Acrobat
    4) Deadeye
    5) Ankle Breaker