NBA 2K13 – Play As Tracy McGrady In MyCareer | Rookie Showcase , Interviews & Draft

Posted October 17, 2012 by nikefaller in Tutorials

This one is pretty special, you’ll play the rookie version of T-Mac ! Meaning you are not assigned to any team, you’re 18 years old and have a 72 overall rating. You’ll be playing the Rookie Showcase, go through the GM interviews and last but not least go through the NBA Draft. Good luck folks!

Let me know which team drafted you.
DOWNLOAD LINK: (Tracy McGrady)


FULL LIST OF PLAYERS (link to show):

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  • Hi, with this I have a problem: when I play a match, every time I end a quarter, point just “reset” (both mine and team’s)… It’s a known issue?
    Thanks 🙂

  • he needs a young cf man

  • disqus_tSD1bdHPeM

    is this on pc only or xbox360 too?

  • hans

    the bobcats draft me with the second draft pick
    but I have a problem in the team are 2 tracy mcgrady
    what can I do that the other disappears?

    • jose

      i have the same problem