NBA 2K13 – How To Unlock All New Jerseys II Unlock New All Star Jerseys

Posted October 9, 2012 by 2KUpdates in Tutorials

This can only be done on xbox 360 so far, and pretty sure on pc with mods. Will try to find a way for ps3, also many jerseys were leaked from this video… wanna know what is the best new jersey?


  • Nathan

    did you find the way for ps3? cause’ that’s what i have

  • Tizeriusfrazier

    Can I just put it in the xbox or it get to have xbox live

  • Tizeriusfrazier

    Do you have to have xbox live

  • Ray2kay

    They mustve taken it down… I got it buy my friends didnt…

  • Soska

    Love the heat jersey, Thanks!