NBA 2K13: How To Get An A+ Teammate Grade Every Game In MyPlayer / MyCareer

Posted October 7, 2012 by nikefaller in Tutorials

Everyone is getting frustrated not being able to get an overall teammate grade of A+ in NBA 2K13 MyPlayer / MyCareer. We are no longer able to exploit the double team glitch we had in NBA 2K12, so it is time to figure out new ways.

Basically it comes down to playing real basketball, limiting your mistakes on the defense and working very hard on the offense. It takes a triple double and a flawless game on the defense to even get close to an A+.

This is the reason why I sat down and thought about ways to make it easier. Its nothing revolutionary, but if I came up with something you haven’t done before … thats already a success for me!

If you have any more tips on how to get a better overall teammate grade, let me know in the comment section below.

Who knows, there may be an exploit in NBA 2K13 just like we had in NBA 2K12 with the double teaming … ?


  • soniya liu

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  • salvador

    all you have to do is 3pts and layup and dunks and steals dumass


    Why on 2k14 I can be shooting 68% fg up by 17 at halftime. Then come third quarter I cant make a layup throwing the ball away on normal passes. Meanwhile the suck dude I been smashin for 2 quarters starts making everything, my team starts running out of bounds, wont react on defense everything opposite of what’s been going on the whole game. You can look at the team stats and see I dominate every 1st 2nd and 4th quarter whats up with this cheating ass shit?

  • johnny

    all you have to do is set screens on every offense possession it isn’t rocket science.

  • Nathan

    what happens when you get an A+

  • The easiest way to score and rack up assists is to make sure your a pg or combo gaurd and use the center to set up a pick and roll to not only get you an assist but also free you up for shots also try putting your on ball defense to its highest that way your defense is pretty much in penatrable.

  • you can just edit your current roster, make everyone on the nba a rating of 25, and then start your my career you will dominate so fast. its crazy and you will get A+ rating easily

  • Aaron

    If your a pointgaurd use the pick and roll. I average about 15 assists per game.

  • lex

    wow you move so fast

  • I’m playing as a giant centre, picking up a lot of boosts for screening and boxing out. With screening you can take a hit for bad screens however a lot of the cpu teamates will still score from these and the boost you get from this outways the hit you take. Was drafted by NOLA so also racking up lots of assists drawing defenders in the post then slipping short passes to Anthony Davis under the rim.

    • Yes, its the same for a PG with assists … I pass the ball and my teammate makes the shot. Though because the defender just has to tip or touch the ball lightly I’m not getting credited the assist and penalized with a bad pass. Its very annoying, cuz we made the bucket and the pass got to whom it was intended for. I haven’t gotten a “bad screen” penalty yet.

  • courtland holloway

    this isnt about the A+ but its about the mycareer mode mine doesnt work after a game it freezes up what should i do please help


    • Patch has been released to fix that ! I think it had to do with limited hard drive space on xbox (and PS3?). Download the patch and it should work now. 🙂

    • johnell

      just got my copy last nite was told by the G Stop guy that there was a glitch in the early copies in the batch I have its fixed so he say’s I’ll SEE

  • Thanks for the tips.
    Very usefull.