NBA 2K13 vs NBA 2K12 Face Comparisons

Posted October 2, 2012 by 2KUpdates in News

You can see the difference between 2K12 graphics and 2K13 here.. Finally fixed CP3 but still doesn’t look good, players are more darker with better smoother skin.



  • Matthew Santos

    Steve Nash in NBA 2k12 looks like as high as fuck

  • i thought 2k12 could’ve used some work, but now after seeing the 2k13 faces, im grateful for the 2k12 graphics. 2k13 just looks horrible

  • Anduan

    What the hell happened to LeBron?

  • fuck .its so horrible faces

  • 0:56 Marc Gasol looks horrible

    • Yeah, they really fucked up

  • Ders548

    Not to be racist, but the white player faces are generally a lot worse than the black players. Or they just zoomed in more.

  • Jack

    lol Kevin Love looks like shit now

  • lol blake griffin looks really bad…