NBA 2K12 – Poetry In Motion (farewell montage)

Posted October 1, 2012 by nikefaller in Mixes/Montages

How is it going, NBA2K4LIFE fans? 🙂

My name is Nike and I am now an official author for NBA2K4LIFE. I wanted to introduce myself to you with this montage I just released on my YouTube channel NikeFaller.

I’ll be posting contents for NBA2K4LIFE ranging from NBA 2K13 tutorials, how to install guides for NBA 2K13 mods on PC and possibly NBA 2K13 montages just like this one.

This montage features gameplay from the “NBA 2K12 College Hoops – NCAA Tournament edition” mod for PC. If you’re interested, its very easy to install. 🙂

TutorialHow to install NBA 2K12 College Hoops mod

Its an honour and a privilige that Simon let me become an author and I’ll make sure to provide all of you with amazing high quality contents. 🙂

Cheers Nike


  • LBJmvp

    Cool! I love your videos man