NBA 2K13 – My Player Store and Closet

Posted September 30, 2012 by Simon in News

In this feature, you can purchase clothes for your myplayer and have him look fancy.. You can purchase from team gear to suits and expensive watches.


  • Double A

    when i go to the store i cant see nothing

  • Easybreezy

    do have a patcher for my player closet ?

  • how do u turn ur hat backwards anbody no

  • deston

    do u have to be signed in?

  • mark

    im on pc… why may nba2k13 can’t find my player closet???? anyone can help me……

    • erondell

      me tooo!! pc version dont have it?

  • Jameel Mosley

    love the jewelry collection. SWEET!!!!!!!!

  • mr.renEsar


  • pierre2324

    wanna see blacktop 1 on 1 or 2 on 2 pls

  • adidas speedwraps

  • yess Adidas Powerweb Calf Sleeves, love this is the game, big fan of MarShon Brooks.