NBA 2K13 Gameplay – Chicago Bulls vs. Cleveland Cavaliers

Posted September 29, 2012 by 2KUpdates in Gameplay

So i got the game early and people demanded these two teams so i have it here.. i only did half, I beat the Cavs by 15.

What other game play would you guys like to see? Comment and we will have it up!


  • denzel

    ny vs brooklyn

  • Rivah

    Please do Utah vs LA

  • Tubsdeb

    Clippers vs Heat or T-Wolves

    Lakers vs Boston

  • MIZZY802

    i’d like to know why EVERY view of this game is horizontal instead of vertical. that was the best thing about 2k back in the day and it still is. its easier to do the moves and it just makes more sense,especially if you actually play ball in real life.

    • There is always the vertical view in options

  • Please always get me intouch of any match going on…

  • Sean

    Could you possibly create a small forward with the point-forward play style- to see if it allows him to call plays and bring thre ball up-court. If ppl aren’t aware of what I mean, an example would be LeBron James.

    • Sean

      Oh my fault, this has to be done in mycareer. Thanks again, if you dont do it, fuck it, it comes out in a 2DAYS

  • James LeBron

    T-Wolves and Clippers

  • Cam Brown

    Clippers and T-Wolves. Keen to see Roy AK47 as well as the Clippers new back-ups

  • Bos617ton

    Boston vs Heat On Hall Of Fame