NBA 2K13 Association and Online Association news

Posted September 28, 2012 by Simon in News

2K Sports has just released some NBA 2K13 association and online association details.

Offline Association:

  • New interface (the landing screen for the mode), information such as league leaders, injuries, standings are VERY accessible now.
  • Total Sim Control
  • New CBA rules
  • ‘Start Today’ feature
  • All-Star Weekend integration (if All-Star add-on content is installed)
  • Revamped Team Building logic
  • All-new lineup/rotation logic
  • Improved trading logic
  • Other smaller fixes (improved draft generation, etc.)
  • Bug fixes! (based on community feedback from last year)

Association Online:

Commissioner Tools:

  • Customizable Sliders
  • Adjust League Speed
  • Advance League (1 week at a time)
  • Advance to Next Round (in the playoffs)
  • Pause/Resume League
  • Unlock All Games (flex schedule)
  • Reset Games / Force Winner


  • thats probably because you’re trying to trade chris duhon for kobe like a little lakers fangirl that you are, armard.

    • armard

      You mad ma’am? Why would I trade two players that play for the same team????? Dumbass 🙂

  • benjomupas

    i hate CRAZY TRADES. i wish 2k13 will be nicer. ://

  • armard

    It sucks. I rather the commissioner of the online association have the ability to veto the trade…

  • redpanda9

    what about that bug that changes every player’s tendency to shoot 3s? That was the worst thing about playing asscociation mode for more than 1 season; even the big men would start shooting threes and by the time it was 5 seasons in, a big man’s shooting percentage would go from 50 percent to 20 percent because they were shooting seven 3 pointers a game and making none of them. I really hope this gets fixed. It wasn’t in any of the previous games.

  • LPL

    you can already do that dude

  • armard

    What about vetoing trades???????? I hate how every one of my trades gets vetoed