NBA 2K13 – Some more Ratings with Lebron James and Top 20 NBA 2K13 Players

Posted September 18, 2012 by 2KUpdates in News

Some crazy ratings… you can see several team ratings .. also these are the top 20 players

Who do you think should have a higher rating and who do you think should have a lower one??

Duncan over Parker? Parker player incredibly well last year .. he was top 5 in MVP and not even top 20 rating?

You can see rest of the ratings here!



  • Wade and Kobe should be a 94 and yall put westbrook over D Will nooo!!

  • Lild423

    thats some bullshit, Melo is at least 95, if not a 94

  • Kevin Love is sorta high, but eh, he had that 30/30 game!

  • smokes

    wwwwwwwhhhhhhhhaaaaaaattttttttt???????? Igoudala a 87 rating? Tim Duncan still a high rating, after all these years?(87) ANd Ginobili a (87) And The best foreign player in history Dirk Nowitzki only a (85)? These ratings are nonsense. I cant stop typing, Gasol over Dirk? Lebron a 98? where his rating come from? he’s not clutch, cant hit a consistent 3 that automatically depletes 3,4 points? SSSSSMMMMHHH

    • Ariel

      BE LEBRON CAN REBOUND, PASS, BLOCK, AND SCORE. WHAT OTHER PLAYER CAN DO THAT. Shut the fuck up. Avg 30 a game in the playoffs and is the LEAGUE AND FINALS MVP. Shut the fuck up.

    • Ariel

      I forgot and STEAL.

  • Trey

    Lebron a 98 overall? Lol yall joking right?

    • justballin

      you dont watch basketball do you

  • Dwight Howard? 95? Nah…

  • Ginobili has a higher rating than Parker and Dirk?

  • HBsauce

    I just don’t understand how Dirk can remain underrated. Joe Johnson rated equal with Dirk, while Nash Duncan and Gasol all higher than him? That’s gotta be BS.

  • Kobe should be 95 and Wade 94

  • thelosttoe

    Sooooooo disrespectful to pierce……

  • JAY

    Russell Westbrook tore up Wade in the playoffs…they should at the very least be equally ranked, but Wade isn’t better though.

  • tye

    so carmelo rating is 92 how he not top 20 nba 2k13 players