NBA LIVE 13 – First Look Trailer

Posted September 13, 2012 by 2KUpdates in Other Games

So the question is would you buy this for 20 dollars??


  • JBP

    worst graphics in history! not worth it at all

  • SirDerpingtontheThird

    No way man. Not worth it at all.

  • yip ill get it for 20

  • Neutron

    Nah. I only buy things I truly want. I dont care how cheap it is. Even tho I dont want Live to go out of business. Competition is healthy.

  • dan

    def a buy even if your a 2k fanboy.. game looks good this year plus 2k need compition or else theyll keep putting the same game out.. like 2k11 and 12..

  • Jared Mcloughlin

    Yeah I’m Going to get it…. for 20 its worth a shot. If we want competition between games, people have to show that they want it. get the game for 20 and keep the NBA Live Development going.

  • who knows

    i hate that game..!!! only the graphics is good