NBA 2K13 All player ratings

  • rsl136

    lebron should have got his 99 rating and d wade should be a 95 and bosh should be a 87 and allen should be a 82 and lewis should be a 70 come on their the nba champions

  • Rajeh


  • thilanwij

    Woah Roy Hibbert!

  • jay

    Dwight is over rated. Durant is underated. If KD has a breakout season 2 yrs ago, expect him to be more lethal this year. With a disapoinment in last years finals and a scoring barrage in london, expect him to be smarter, complete player and a hungrier beast this season. Frightning isnt it? Im a huge heat fan though. At the other side, dwight is overated because in one thing, he teamed up with a fully loaded team. He’s not a go-to-guy anymore. Maybe his stats will decrease offensively but the defense sure will be there. So i think dwight’s ratings should be lower than last year.

  • kevin durant

    durantla is best kd35

  • Richard Riley

    James should have been higher Howard should have been lower Chris Bosh should have been higher hibbert should have been lower

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  • Germiux8LT

    Lebron James amazing all around player, so he have that hight rating ;)

  • Jeezull threezull

    Are the rookies all ready on the game are you have to download it

  • 2k King

    Player ability/effect on the game is not solely based on ranking… Cp3 has a better “all around” game than Kobe (ball handling,court vision, assists, leadership, etc…) which im sure is why his ranking is higher but that doesn’t mean Kobe wont torch ppl in the post…(this is coming from a Laker Hater) you just need to know basketball and use Kobe as he would play in a real game and he will deliver on 2k

  • zaylen

    2k is the best game ever invinted

  • gdsfgdfg

    Wtf i don’t found lebron and wade?

  • ryan

    rondo needs to be the highest rated pg he’s the best pg in the nab… and I’m a lakers fan saying this O_o

  • smokes

    everyones ratings should surpass blake griffin, all he does is dunk. Also rondo should be the highest rated pg in the game, only pg since jkidd in his prime getting triple doubles consistently. smh

  • Need4nba

    What about Brian Scalabrine ? He retired, will he have a 99 rating ???

  • tomaslsobral


  • Elias

    allen and cp3 has better dribbling, speed, passing and quickness stats etc, than kobe.
    overall, they have MORE stats at higher levels.
    nowadays, kobe just has his shooting. hes not as fast and agile anymore. and you know that he is not a passer lol.
    so allen and cp3 having a higher rating does NOT mean that they are better.
    everyone is good at certain things. noone is the best in everything. thats what i think.

  • tomaslsobral

    austin rivers 67??????????

    • Elias

      austin’s game isnt at the nba level. yet. well see how he manages. maybe they bump it up.

  • hotstreak321addonxbox

    steve nash nd pau 86 and rondo 90 -_-

  • http://facebook freshteam23

    Ok so cp3 nd A.I. is at a higher rating the BLACK MAMBA what kind of crack they sniffing idc how old he is for him to be a 34 year old he still produce more than these younger guys do js

  • tishon

    chris paul better than kobe? wtf is this world coming to

  • Harry Shi (@harry_young_shi)

    iverson is in the game?? YESSS

  • Philipp Seitz

    Kevin Love should be way more

  • ad

    wat abt d wade

  • Kyle Carella

    all you guys are byas towards kobe, since yall like him you say he is the best and dont look at it from a basketball pov yall look at it at a personal pov

  • Mert Kağan EKİNCİ

    Of course Kobe is and always will be better than AI or CP3 but the fact is that he is getting old and inevitably getting worse. That stat is for this season but when he retires I am definitely sure he’ll be a 99 like MJ23, and no offence but CP3 is kinda one of the best PGs in the league right now. So, regarding those facts Kobe a 93 is a realistic approach

    • Maxima-Kid PS3

      Kobe wont get the 99 when he retires in my opinion MJ should be the only one with a 99 rating be we all know they already gave it to lebron which i think he does not deserves it and wade bosh isnt up i hope 2k not cheating the stats be having a 99 98 97 % rating on these dudes

  • John

    lol kobe last season sucks look at the field goal he shot everygame hahaha always 7/22 etc

  • Matt

    Kobe the best!!! He should be a 99

  • 2kfan

    chris Paul never will or was better than kobe dont u want this game to be realistic

  • Samuel Naibahp

    iverson and paul better than kobe? this is stupid. he should be at least 95 i ratings

    • Samuel Naibahp

      *Nainaho. messed my name up srry

      • Samuel Naibahp

        **naibaho, messed up again

  • ad

    wat abt lebron

    • Simon

      still not revealed

    • Maxima-Kid PS3

      did u not play 2k12 then you its going to be 99 again

      • Simon

        98 ;)

      • Maxima-Kid PS3

        yeah i know i messed up but it shouldnt of been that high either

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