NBA 2K13 Miami Heat vs. Los Angles Lakers Thoughts

Posted September 7, 2012 by 2KUpdates in Videos

This was the first HD 10 min game play released by 2ksports and to be honest i was kind of disappointed, i will state some good things and bad things about the gameplay.

Lets Start with some Bad things..

1. You Can still see that the spacing has not been fully fixed and because of that there is still a lot of sliding in the game.

2. Dribbling to me seems the same, 2k told fans that dribbling was fully improved but in this game play it seemed pretty much like 2k12.

3. At 0:23 you can see a guy like Dwight Howard who can’t make a free throw to save his life makes a mid range jump shot.. which is very unrealistic.

4. At 2:10 you can see a shot clock cheese by Steve Nash, 2k even has added an outfit in 2k13 with no cheese but you can see there is still shot clock cheese.

5. At 1:18 of the game play you can see that 2k12 post up and Chris Bosh shoots a fade away from 2 feet of the basket.. the post moves still look the same as 2k12.

6. The Crowd still looks pretty much the same and ps2 graphics and not fixed at all.

Now lets get to some good things about this game play…

1. At 1:05 you see that rebounding and falling down animation, the rebounding seemed like a real life Dwight Howard and he got bumped and fell down. Very Impressed

2. You Can see 2 miss dunks at 5:41 and at 8:04.. this means the players were very tired and they can miss dunks which i like a lot.

3. Even though the crowd looks bad, their chanting and all around atmosphere is great in the game.

4. At 6:40 you can see Kobe Bryant trying to draw a foul by kicking out his leg after he shot the ball which makes it realistic just like real life.

5. The spin move kinda looks overpowered but they have finally fixed it .. instead of pump faking every time the players actually go for a layup, speaking of layups they seem to have finally fixed the euro step.
That is all i can critique so far… What are your thoughts after seeing the game play??



  • edward

    i wish it would have practice but like a scrimmage