NBA 2K13 Gameplay – Miami heat vs. Los Angeles Lakers

Posted September 7, 2012 by Simon in Gameplay

Check out the new NBA 2K13 Gameplay footage  features the Miami Heat and The Los Angeles Lakers.

Your thoughts about the new gameplay footage?


  • the gamespeed also tooo fast

  • the way they shoot the ball the ball goes high into the air , like look at the way lebron shoot is is toooo high

  • ok looks pretty good but the commentators are very repetitive. It would help if they were made more personal.

  • Heatnation

    graphics need to tighten up looks a lil bit like 2k11 and the players look a lil too stiff

  • Rory

    Great gameplay no problems but the spacing.

  • Scott

    LeBron is wearing 8’s. Not 9’s or 10’s

  • derp

    I am worried about doing crossovers, etc. Still looks like it is impossible to get past your defender

  • Jamal Wilson

    Everything looks good except spacing. Fix that and it’s great.

  • 1234

    Still have half step-half dribble glitch…hope they fix it…