NBA 2K13: Myplayer/Mycareer Improvements

Posted September 2, 2012 by Simon in News

Ronnie 2K talks about some My player improvements .. starting Tuesday showing off the full reveal


  • randall

    What’s the most for a contract extension?

  • johnta minor

    My player looks like its gonna be nice this year. But i want to know if they added the olympics on my player.

  • raj singh

    are there pick up and crew games

  • 2k13 should have updated sneakers

  • on my player mode we should be able to be in da all-star weekend like the 3- point slam dunk skills challenge etc. and we should also be able to participate in the olympics to get gold medals.

  • eli

    grant hill 55 ovrall is he like badly injured or is that his normall ovrall it should be round 77 ovr

    • Tim

      That guy misread the video because it says his durability was 55 and your right his overall should be around 77

  • Kellen

    My 5 signature skills for MyPlayer will be Floor General, Lockdown Defender, Dimer, Ankle Breaker, And Posterizer

  • Tim

    Still didn’t fix the created faces ugghhh!!!

  • jacob spindler

    Only 19 and in your 4th season? Straight from high school????

    • Sam

      Looks like he made it in 10th grade lmao