Your thoughts about the new NBA 2K13 control stick?

Posted August 22, 2012 by Antoine .D in Uncategorized

In NBA 2K12 the right stick is for shooting, ballhandler moves require a left trigger modifier followed by a gesture on the left stick. In NBA 2K13 the right stick will cover both ballhandler and shooting. Do you think that this new controller layout will improve the gameplay or it will make the playability more difficult?

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  • swaqbomb psn

    If they just left the button layout like 2k11 it will stay the best.. the button layout is like nba live /elite and you see where they at.. ea might have a chance if ppl get use to the button shceme but 2k11button layout was the best

  • #1 bulls fan

    BRING BACK ORIGINAL CONTROLS JAYZ, since they say you have lots of power and demand on this game.

  • #1 bulls fan

    i dislike the new shooting control where you have to hold two buttons to shoot, it makes it hard for me to run and shoot, i much liked the regular shot controls, dribbling seems to show some newer moves but moving the controlls to right stick and l2 is not better, maybe i can change the control setting to original , if it has that than ill buy, if not than ill pass or wait to it drops to 30-40$. im not sure if its me or not but the players seem to jump late, and the a.i. seems not to assist you with help needed. but this is a demo, so maybe the final product is different at launch, if not, ill wait, nice visuals though.

  • Sparklingcar

    Add me on xbox to play 2k13 when released name now is sparklingcar one word but it will be changed in the near future

  • Jared Mcloughlin

    2k has consistently made changes to games every year in the end, everyone says its the best NBA game ever made. If you don’t like the new controls (which also changes for 2K11 to 2k12), you can always get live.

    • #1 bulls fan

      if its cheap, than i guess i will, b’ cuz the new shot control sucks, using just the analog to shoot, is more faster to get it off.

  • Kei Boi

    Its not the dribbling and shooting that needed to be fixed its the slow passing I mean the pass faster on double dribble the 1st one and those animation that cause the players to do moves that cause fouls shots and turn over just cause its a NEW IDEA doesn’t make it a GOOD IDEA shooting and dribbling with the same button lmao please please please give me some of dat green u smokin

  • krismark

    this could lead to unwanted shots. dribbling and shooting should be totally separated. imaging in previous 2k games. after stealing with the square button sometimes the player shoots in half court

  • Ross

    I feel like they DIDNT do the stick just so they could be different from NBA Live…but now that there gone…I guess they can so what they want..

  • Bettermyplayer

    If any body could ask for any thing in this game it would be CREW MODE!!! And improved my player! For get the shot stick thing its fine as is. Also you need to fix the shot clock cheese lol peace send me a copy of 2k13 and ill review it. Also add me on the ps3 EpicNbaGuy 😉

  • cookiethemonsta

    I always wanted this, because I think it will feel natural for some reason

  • Brad

    sounds open to a lot of problems cuz u could be shooting when u want to dribble and vise versa.

  • Yashua Morrison

    When the coach call a time out you could have the coach tell what he wants you to do
    like pass the ball more or take more shots. Or even say your doing a good job because now it seems like the coaches are just there cause they have to be

  • Deon

    I think their should be a setting where you can do the new ball handle control or can keep the old ball handle control and use the shot stick

    • Deon swails

      You should have setting where you can use the shot stick or use the new controls

    • #1 bulls fan

      i 100% thought that too, and agree.

  • ben miles

    Nothing was wrong with the controls so why fuck with em?fix those cheating ass amimations and leave everything else the same

    • #1 bulls fan

      yeap, the controls were fine, looks like they only added a couple of new moves, nothing to make new controls over though, the orignal is way better at shooting, and also, did you notice the late reaction sometimes in a.i. or late jumping when you press triangle ?