NBA 2K13 Impressions By Chris Smoove (Part 2)

Posted August 22, 2012 by Antoine .D in News

Sunday we posted the first Chris Smoove impressions about NBA 2k13. In this video he talked about the new shot blocking system, rebounding, dribbling, speed and passing. He continues the serie discussing about the A.I player, new sliders, dribbling, pick and rolls, spacing and more. As in the first video the gameplay his from NBA 2K12 because he wasn’t allowed to record NBA 2K13 footage.

Commentary Timeline

0:13 A.I. Behavior (spin layups, up and under, shot clock cheese)
2:33 New Sliders (contested shot example)
3:48 Spacing
4:20 Pick and Roll
5:58 Dribbling off peoples feet
6:25 Following shot and kicking legs out
6:57 Fouls
7:42 On ball defense (defensive shading, tight defense)