NBA 2K13 Gameplay (Miami Heat vs. OKC Thunder) from Gamescom

Posted August 18, 2012 by Antoine .D in News

Check out  this short clip taken from Gamescom features the Miami Heat and the Okc Thunder. It’s very short but it allow us to see that the passing and defense is improved greatly! Think to watch in HD because it’s filmed.

2K Sports Team Up and Operation Sport Forum member, vannwolfhawk has just posted his NBA 2K13 hands-on preview:

The driving animations and contact in the paint and on drives is awesome! LeBron feels like LeBron now. He can outmuscle a Kevin Durant in different situations as well it should be, but it was balanced where Durant could still body up and stay with him if played correctly. I would see Durant getting knocked back at times, but not the other way around when facing each other. When LeBron would attack the rim you could feel his strength in getting to the hole. I saw some great animations with fouls that still ended up with players getting shots up. This was balanced well to as I did not see many, if any of them go in. You felt like LBJ when playing with him. There are also some great triple threat animations and bumping on the perimeter game between defender and ball handler before a dribble has been used. It is another risk/reward situation for a defender playing to close depending on skill and quickness of the player he is guarding.
 And you what do you think about this real first gameplay footage?


  • Tione

    So short but amazing! Can’t wait!!!!!!

  • The gameplay does look a lot smoother too. Looking forward to it coming out!