(360) NBA 2K12 2012-13 Roster

Posted August 17, 2012 by vtcrb in Rosters

For my 1st post on Nba2k4life.com I thought I would write about something I know a little bit about, 2k12. I have been Editing this game since its release last year. I have FINALLY got it figured out. I am strictly a Ratings, Tendencies and Coaching Profiles Editor. I have been lucky to surround myself with others who are Experts in Accessories, Hex editing, and Reditor Editing. What took months to figure out is you have to Blend Ratings, Tendencies, Hot Spot, Coaching profiles and Sliders together to make 2k12 Play right. I believe we have finally been able to do that. Below is a List of what we have been able to do to make what I feel is ONE of the MOST Complete 2k12 Projects available. I have also provided the info you need if you would like to test what put together.

All of the work done on this Project was done by Rondo is God, StraightBaylien and Myself. Let us know what you think.

We added all 2012-13 Rookies, Also have some Undrafted Rookies in Free Agent Pool

2014 and 2015 Class with Fictional Prospects will be coming soon.

File Name: Just Play 2K13 V2
Gamertag: vtcrb
Offline Link: http://www.mediafire.com/?3nyvdnp1d8fi2wz
2013 Draft Class: http://www.mediafire.com/?8qqhynskdwawbla
Game Sliders by StraightBaylien: http://www.mediafire.com/?857kt22tuzpprix
Game Sliders Topic: Just Play 2k13 Sliders
Player Rotations: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/…lctRnlNa2ZwS2c

Difficulty All Star
Game Speed 55
Player Speed 0 – IMPORTANT
Quarter Length 11-12 Minutes
Fatigue On
Injuries On
Clutch Factor Off
Shooting Type Real Player %
FT Shooting Type Real Player %
Free Throw Difficulty
Defensive Assist Strength 60

– All ratings, tendencies, abilities edited for unparalleled gameplay performance
– Coaching profile
– All missing players such as Donald Sloan and Jamaal Tinsely
– All 2012-2013 Rookies with cyberface look alikes and accurate draft info
– Added 1 year of experience to every player
– Accurate playbooks to ensure sim gameplay thanks to vanwolfhawk
– Brooklyn Nets replacing NJ Nets
– Multiple Team Accessories Color ways
– Accurate contracts for all players to reflect the 2012/2013 season
– Updated jumpshots to remove unrealistic animations (see Thad Youngs default jumper)
– Updated rookie showcase to include 2013 rookies
– Updated arena names to include Madison Square Garden and Toyota Center
– Updated coaches to include Vaughn, Dunlap, and Canales
– Updated jersey numbers
– Updated free agent pool
– Added over 70 nicknames to players league wide
– Edited personality traits for most player (Antawn Jamison is happy being LAL’s 6th man, D12 is a free agent, CP3 is willing to resign with LAC)
– Updated body types for ALL players


  • Donghoon Ahn

    How do you add this into xbox?

  • lawrence

    Do you have an update inlcuding the james harden trade and signing of rasheed walace to the knicks? And an updated roster as october 1, 2012? Please help thanks!

    • No sorry I dont have Any Updated for 2k12. I do have a New Roster out for 2k13. Sorry wish I could help you out.

      • lawrence

        Can i request to have an updated roster as of dec 1, 2012? Cause my xbox cant go online. Your last roster of 2k12 was great but i dont have rasheed walace in the roster. Please help thanks!

      • I wish I could help you out, but I dont have an Update for you. I would suggest making Rasheed Wallace as a CAP. I would also suggest checking the Free Agent Pool as I think I had Rasheed in there.

  • Lawrence

    Do you have a roster update that includes the james harden trade, signing of rasheed walace to the knicks and other else. Please help

  • Lawrence Navarro

    Do you have an update already for the james harden trade and for the signing of rasheed walace to the knicks? Do you have a roster update for November 20, 2012 already? Thanks

  • GSmitty

    how do you load the files into the game? this is my firs time using this

  • jaque

    this is absolutley amazing, you do great work! if you had the time ill give you my email id like it if james harden had his mohawk if you could do that!

  • chris

    it says when i load it that it was damaged

  • joe24

    How do you add it to xbox

  • Doray

    I have a Jtag XBox. Is it possible to use your file to update the roster? if so, how? Appreciate it. Thanks

  • Just got My Player File for you guys. All of the info is below.

    My Player File
    File Name: Just Play 2K13 MP File
    Gamertag: ILTP199
    Offline Link: http://www.mediafire.com/?0mvqug98flih9cf

  • Anthony

    This is nice bro. I found myself having to fix Josh Smith again but honestly the roster and rookies are on point. I havnt tried the settings but just the rosters alone made me look at 2k like a whole new game. Thanks

  • Connor

    I need to know how to update the rosters with these files

    • What do you mean by Update? I have posted the 2k Share File and the Off-line links. Sorry for the Delay in response.

  • this is the truth

    • Glad you like them

  • kingjames3883

    It’s only for the 360

    • Yes it is Only for 360.

  • maurice

    is this for xbox 360 to? and if so,please tell how