NBA 2K13 First gameplay Footage and Screenshots

Posted August 10, 2012 by Simon in News

Today, 2K Sports unveiled the first screenshots and new gameplay footage of NBA 2K13.

One of the major changes made to NBA 2K13 was switching the shot stick, normally the default right stick, to the control stick. Now moving that stick will help will ball control. It’s now a 1-to-1 system, so if you move the stick to the left the ball will move to the left. If you roll the stick in a circle you’ll do a spin move.

Another big change was to defense. 2K worked “really hard” on getting the movement, change of direction, and foot planting right so that the physics is accurate and more fun.

Check out the first screenshots of NBA 2K13:


  • Dom

    Did anyone notice that any team in 2k games that wore red, actually looked pink? The Bulls, Heat, Raptors are all looking PINK!!! I hope they release a patch for console players…

  • Richard

    Here we go just a few glitches that need to come out of the game. the tip dunk by everyteam that has people around the basket in position or not, ease up on the late installment of loose ball fouls after the shot 9started in early July), work on the boxing out, The players should actually play like their ratings, I understand a player gets hot but geez JR Smith, Carmelo, westbrook, durant, kobe, the grizzlies all shoot like they are rated a 75 pct 3pt shooter and that’s with great defense, the steals are a bit much-Rondo, paul, westbrook, jr smith, and shumpert you cant even dribble near them plus chandler durant ibaka steal like defensive specialist from good to great ball handlers, allow the player not to become frozen in the no charge zone because thats instant poster time and most times it results in an and one!, seems like most teams have great help defense except for the heat, fix the over the backboard rebound afterwards it often results in a freak injury, fix the online jersey change, home or away selection, and my last request please fix the online play cause almost gone are the days where a player wants to play an in game seasonfor long they are now just warm ups to get online in my opinion. I think there should be a five dollar charge added to each game sold to fund a stronger server designated for online game play. With 2K selling as many copies I would think you all would be prepared to handle atleast 500,000 online gamers especially selling 5 million copies.

  • Anthony

    How about an online update for once. I mean is the technology not available. One yr gives us a free online update yeah right im dreaming right. Give us a free update right into 2k13… Or charge a lesser fee for faithful players who spend yr in yr out. ? What does everyone think i want my roster updated today lol…… who with me lol???

  • edward

    u shud also add fiba and olympics as a game mode and also into my player mode

  • edward

    make sure the teams that wear tight jerseys in real life have tight jerseys in the game and add mor accessories lik nike elite socks mor sleeves shoes and haircuts

  • Anthony

    I understand theres improvements, im buying it regardless. NBA 2K is my favorite game period! But dont the developers say this yrs game is the best one yet every yr! They will come n say we added this that n the other but wont ever we hear them say 2K11 or 2k12 was better. Whatever yr we are up 2, they will argue that is the best one ever! Just Simply Saying.. #Baseketball 2012-2013 cant wait!…

  • Josh

    Make better pass animations too on fastbreaks, like i want some underneath the leg bounce passes

  • Also Im hoping for better crowd animation and presentation. There should be a difference in crowd enthusiasm between regular season games and postseason games in the Association mode. Like having the home crowd wearing the team colours and being more active during playoff games.

  • Bas

    U better get the gear right this time. 2K12 had the bulls and 76ers wearing pink shoes, and colours were too bright. And OKC wore white away kicks instead of black. These are minor issues that when corrected, makes the game realistic.

  • DRoselll