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NBA 2K13 Developer video part 3, Discussion About Animations

2K Sports has released a third video to learn more about animations in NBA 2K13.

NBA 2K13 – Legends Screenshots

Check out the new NBA 2K13 screenshots of Allen Iverson, Scottie Pippen, Shaq, Alonzo Mourning, Shawn Kemp and Wilt.

NBA 2K13 – All Star Weekend Trailer

2K Sports released a brand new trailer for NBA 2K13. This trailer though is all about the All-Star Weekend content which is being made available only with pre-orders of the game. Continue on to check out the trailer and leave ...

2K Sports revealed the rating for Carmelo Anthony, Kobe Bryant, and Rajon Rondo

Kobe Bryant – 93 Carmelo Anthony – 92 Rajon Rondo – 90

NBA 2K13 Impressions By Chris Smoove (Part 3)

This is the last part of Chris Smoove 2K13 impressions. In this video he shares his discussion with the developers about bumping off ball, online gaming, doubling teaming and the substitution on the fly menu. Remember that it&#...

Your thoughts about the new NBA 2K13 control stick?

In NBA 2K12 the right stick is for shooting, ballhandler moves require a left trigger modifier followed by a gesture on the left stick. In NBA 2K13 the right stick will cover both ballhandler and shooting. Do you think that thi...

NBA 2K13 Impressions By Chris Smoove (Part 2)

Sunday we posted the first Chris Smoove impressions about NBA 2k13. In this video he talked about the new shot blocking system, rebounding, dribbling, speed and passing. He continues the serie discussing about the A.I player, n...

NBA 2K13 Developer video Part 2, discussion about gameplay improvements

2K Sports has released a second video about gameplay improvements for NBA 2K13. They discuss about the control stick, speed differentiation in players, improved collisions and post-moves. Of course these commentaries are accomp...