Predicting Top 30 NBA Players’ NBA 2K13 Ratings

Posted July 8, 2012 by Simon in News

Carlos Sandoval of wrote an interesting piece on the NBA 2K13 Ratings.

  How do we decide the top 30 NBA players? We look at the PER rankings of each player, an advanced stat that measures per-minute production (the average is always 15). We know that there are issues with PER (because it’s a per-minute stat, so guys who look better with less minutes might have their PER inflated, even when that’s accounted for by having a cut-off the way John Hollinger does), but it’s the most objective way possible.

Top 30 NBA Players’ NBA 2K13 Ratings by Carlos Sandoval:

30. James Harden: 85. (2k12 rating: 74) PER: 21.13

29. Josh Smith: 85. (2k12 rating: 84) PER: 21.14

28. Carmelo Anthony: 88. (2k12 rating: 91) PER: 21.15

27. Marcin Gortat: 79. (2K12 rating: 73) PER: 21.21

25a. Ryan Anderson: 77. (2K12 rating: 63) PER: 21.23

25b. Stephen Curry: 81. (2K12 rating: 80) PER: 21.23

24. Nikola Pekovic: 70. (2K12 rating: 55) PER 21.47

23. Kyrie Irving: 84. (2K12 rating: 76) PER: 21.49

22. Brandan Wright: 69. (2K12 rating: 64) PER: 21.66

21. DeMarcus Cousins: 79. (2K12 rating: 71) PER: 21.72

20. Dirk Nowitzki: 85. (2k12 rating: 85) PER: 21.81

19. Paul Millsap: 83. (2K12 rating: 80) PER: 21.85

18. Kenneth Faried: 74. (2K12 rating: 70) PER: 21.94

17. Kobe Bryant: 87. (2K12 rating: 94) PER: 21.95

16. Tony Parker: 83. (2K12 rating: 80) PER: 22.04

15. Greg Monroe: 81. (2K12 rating: 65) PER: 22.09

14. Tim Duncan: 84. (2K12 rating: 84) PER: 22.60

13. LaMarcus Aldridge: 86. (2K12 rating: 83) PER: 22.73

12. Al Jefferson: 85. (2k12 rating: 81) PER: 22.88

10a. Andrew Bynum: 87. (2K12 rating: 79) PER: 23.00

10b. Russell Westbrook: 90. (2k12 rating: 88) PER: 23.00

9. Derrick Rose: 91. (2K12 rating: 92) PER: 23.10

8. Blake Griffin: 88. (2K12 rating: 85) PER: 23.50

7. Manu Ginobili: 86. (2K12 rating: 85) PER: 24.18

6. Dwight Howard: 90. (2K12 rating: 92) PER: 24.29

5. Kevin Love: 89. (2K12 rating: 81) PER: 25.41

4. Kevin Durant: 96. (2K12 rating: 92) PER: 26.26

3. Dwyane Wade: 95. (2K12 rating: 96) PER: 26.37

2. Chris Paul: 97. (2K12 rating: 93) PER: 27.09

1. LeBron James: 100. (2K12 rating: 98) PER: 30.8


  • Bossdondayday

    1.LeBron James 99
    2.Kevin Durant 96
    3.Chris Paul 93
    4.Dwight Howard 92
    5.Kobe Bryant 91
    6.Dwyane Wade 88
    7.Derrick Rose 91
    8.Kevin Love 90
    9.Rajon Rondo 89
    10.Russell Westbrook 92
    11.Carmelo Anthony 90
    12.Deron Williams 89
    13.Andrew Bynum 87
    14.Tony Parker 88
    15.Blake Griffin 88
    16.LaMarcus Aldridge 87
    17.Dirk Nowitzki 85
    18.Josh Smith 86
    19.Al Jefferson 83
    20.Pau Gasol 80
    21.Chris Bosh 83
    22.Eric Gordon 82
    23.Steve Nash 78
    24.Andre Iguodala 83
    25.Rudy Gay 83
    26.Monta Ellis 82
    27.Joe Johnson 78
    28.Kevin Garnett 83
    29.Paul Pierce 81
    30.Tim Duncan 88

  • Born Sinner__

    Kevin Durant 95 and CP3 94

  • Born Sinner__

    Wade at 90..

  • Born Sinner__

    Rose should be at 93

  • Josh Kellerman

    1.LeBron James 98
    2.Kevin Durant 94
    3.Chris Paul 93
    4.Dwight Howard 93
    5.Kobe Bryant 92
    6.Dwyane Wade 92
    7.Derrick Rose 91
    8.Kevin Love 90
    9.Rajon Rondo 90
    10.Russell Westbrook 90
    11.Carmelo Anthony 89
    12.Deron Williams 89
    13.Andrew Bynum 87
    14.Tony Parker 85
    15.Blake Griffin 85
    16.LaMarcus Aldridge 84
    17.Dirk Nowitzki 84
    18.Josh Smith 84
    19.Al Jefferson 84
    20.Pau Gasol 83
    21.Chris Bosh 83
    22.Eric Gordon 83
    23.Steve Nash 83
    24.Andre Iguodala 83
    25.Rudy Gay 83
    26.Monta Ellis 83
    27.Joe Johnson 83
    28.Kevin Garnett 83
    29.Paul Pierce 83
    30.Tim Duncan 83

  • Lebron-98
    Howard 91
    cp3 93


  • doz

    Bron 98
    Durant 95
    Paul 94
    Kobe 91
    Melo 93
    Wade 94
    Rose 92
    Howard 94
    Westbrook 92
    Rondo 91
    DWill 93
    Bynum 86

  • doz

    All rookies from 2011 draft shud be rated 40-60 at the least, with a couple of noticeable exceptions (worst draft ever!). 2012 rookies shud be 60-80, there are 18 potential stars in this draft (will barton shud be 78, scored 70+ recently!). Rivers has A+ dribbling, MKG has A per def, Davis ins 90 & blks 85. Barnes 80.

  • The PER isn’t every thing , And People trying to take up for Lebron’s 100 , Lebron Plays with arguably the 2nd Best Shooting Guard in the World, an Allstar, no OLYMPIC Big Man, Thats why his PER is So High!

  • Tangamalanga

    What you people don’t understand is that a players overall rating is not based on personal opinion.. Whether LeBron is 100 or not will be decided through a combining of all the different aspects of his game.. The man can do everything.. Is he was 98 last series. With all the choking he did.. It’s only logical that this series with an MVP award and a championship he would be ranked better.. As the man said his %ages have gone up this season.. And as for Kobe, quit living in the past.. Kobe will always be remembered for what he was.. A scorer.. That’s what he’s good at.. And now, He’s aging.. Hes the man but still, this is an OVERALL rating..

  • Mitchell Wayne

    1.Lebron James-98
    2.Kevin Durant-96
    3.Chris Paul-95
    4.Dwight Howard-93
    5.Carmelo Anthony-92
    6.Dwayne Wade-91
    7.Derrick Rose-91
    8.Russell Westbrook-90
    9.Kobe Bryant-90
    10.Rajon Rondo-90
    11.Deron Williams-89
    12.Tony Parker-88
    13.Blake Griffin-88
    14.Andrew Bynum-87
    15.Andre Iguodala-87
    16.Kevin Love-86
    17.Amare Stoudemire-86
    18.James Harden-85
    19.Dirk Nowitzki-85
    20.Kevin Garnett-85
    21.Josh Smith-84
    22.Joe Johnson-83
    23.Manu Ginoblli-83
    24.Tim Duncan-83
    25.Lamarcus Aldridge-82
    26.Eric Gordon-82
    27.Paul Pierce-82
    28.Pau Gasol-81
    29.Chris Bosh-81
    30.Tyson Chandler-80

    • Best PF = Kevin Love

      Why is Kevin Love an 86 and Griffin 88? Blake Griffin is the most overrated player. In terms of skill, impact on the team, and stats Kevin Love is much better than Blake. If BG is an 88, Love should be like a 92.

  • Jay

    mayneee alll yall stupidddd lebron should be at 96 no one should be over and yall people who be hatin on kobe shutup cuz yall know kobe greattttt at basket ball he legend but yall jus dnt expect the fact that he good
    no tam mat yuhhhh (fast on no tam mat) (yuhhhh medium fast)

    • Nikko

      What LeBron is better than Kobe now but not in 2010 stop living in the past

  • PiimS

    Dwight-90 (or 91)
    Joe Johnson-84
    Tony Parker-84
    Harden-83 (or 84)
    Monta Ellis-82
    Marc Gasol-81

    Some players might get better ratings as they return from injuries and the season proceeds, like Dwight, Rose & Amar’e, but since they have been injured most of the season it’s not really fair to rate them better than last year in my opinion..

  • nader

    What the hell? How is Lebron a 100. Where the hell is Rondo?How is Kobe an 87. What an idiot

  • david

    debil kobe 87 raiting nba 2k13

  • RayRay

    Brain Scalabrine should be at least 96 if Kobe’s 87

  • your an idiot

    Rondo not a top 30 player in the NBA and Brandan Wright is. Great article man, you should just do the ratings for 2k13.

    • Learn to read

      He did it by top 30 PER (Player Efficiency Rating). Notice how even though Brandan Wright was in the top 30, his rating was low? He didn’t do it by what he thinks the top 30 overall ratings would be… You’re the idiot.

  • Dee

    Are you crazy Lebron a 100 Kobe a 87 Carmelo a 88 both should be in high 90’s if its gonna be like that make it Lebron 2k13 and i’ll by NBA Live13

    • nba swag

      joe johnson-84
      Bosh 83
      Marc Gasol-81

      Gilchrist- 74

      • Samuel n

        bynum and d12 should be at least 90 in the ratings but its fairer than sandovals

    • Dee


  • Harden 85 – Kobe 87? This is joke? Carmelo is better than Kobe. Second joke. Kobe is one of 5 best players in the league and his overall is only 87?

    • Learn to read

      Carmelo and Kobe had their worst season’s last year.. They deserve the rating that they should get. Don’t be fooled by Kobe’s 27 pts. Kobe and Melo were terrible last year.

    • shane


  • I’m the biggest Lebron fan but how the fuck can you make him 100, this list is obviously fake.

    • Learn to read

      It says “Predicting”, so it’s an opinion.

  • bosh

    where’s chris bosh?

  • Eli Delbuono

    wtf is this guy smoking Kyrie irving in his secong year is almost as good as kobe … kobe would have had the scoring title if he wasnt injured … Melo is better than kobe ? WTFFF 11 seasons 1 play off winn .. are you on crack ? on 2k12 jordan was overall 99 so now lebron is the greatest in history ? the man relies on getting to the basket not his jumpshot … FIRE THIS MUTHA FCKA & let me make these stats cause they are clearly terrible

    • what?

      Melo has more than 1 playoff win… He hasn’t even played 11 seasons yet… If you’re talking about the Knicks, which I think you are, Melo’s only been there for about a season if you count last year’s short season .

  • rubio

    Is this top 30 PER or top 30 best rated players ? guy that made this list probly a noob. Brandan wright uhhhmm…what? I predict this list no good when compared with when the game comes out . lol

  • Tim

    In what universe is Blake Griffin better than Kobe Bryant?!?!?! Blake Griffin doesn’t think Blake Griffin is better than Kobe Bryant!

    Really 2K? Is this a troll? Is that rating meant to be 97? Kobe is still EASILY Top 5.

    Also how do you make a player 100 overall? Yeah LeBron’s the best player in the league but that doesn’t mean that it’s impossible to be better than him. If he were to maintain his level of play but say Kevin Durant was playing ridiculous and better than LeBron, would Durant be rated 101 overall?

  • Joey

    Lebron should be 99 he’s shooting ain’t great he’s not perfect

    • Kobe bryant is 33 and is not the same player he used to be 5 or so years ago thats why his rating dropped and if you can read his PER is only 21.95 compared to lebrons 30.8 PER, reason why lebrons best? 3 time mvp, only person in olympics to score tripple double. Nuff said.

  • Jordi

    Lebron 100? cheat

  • jhughes

    Skipped 19 and why is brendan wright on this list lol

    • Idiots.

      PLAYER EFFICIENCY RATING. THESE WERE THE TOP 30 IN PER FROM LAST SEASON. NOT THE TOP 30 PLAYERS. I swear people can’t read nowadays. This is someone’s prediction, NOT official 2K ratings.

      • Ray

        Well it’s a pretty retarded prediction eh? You can’t go off of PER numbers alone.