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Jay-Z Executive Producing NBA 2K13 (Trailer)

Jay-Z announced on his website today that he will be the executive producer of NBA 2K13, no details as to what this exactly means. To be followed… Check out the trailer here:

NBA 2K12 Mix: Redeem The Dream (Shady00018)

Check out the latest NBA 2K12 mix from Shady00018, “Redeem The Dream”! As you may have guessed from the title, the mix features clips of the 1992 Dream Team taking on the “Redeem Team” from 2008, courtesy of HAWK23′s ...

NBA 2K12 London Olympic USA Team Jersey Patches

Author: Tha King NOTE: do not just extract all the iff files to your NBA 2K12it will replace NUGGETS JERSEY. you must be using FIBA 2K12 to just paste it. FOR THE MAKERS OF FIBA 2K12 YOU CAN ADD THIS TO YOUR MOD BUT DON’T...

NBA 2K13 Illmaculate Trailer (Shady00018)

Shady00018 is back with another amazing mix called “Illmaculate Trailer” for NBA 2K13 featuring NBA 2K12 clips and using HAWK23′s Ultimate Base Roster (only available on PC here). Enjoy!

Predicting Top 30 NBA Players’ NBA 2K13 Ratings

Carlos Sandoval of wrote an interesting piece on the NBA 2K13 Ratings.   How do we decide the top 30 NBA players? We look at the PER rankings of each player, an advanced stat that measures per-minute production (...