‘NBA 2K13’ cover features Blake Griffin, Kevin Durant, Derrick Rose

Posted June 26, 2012 by Simon in News

The new cover of NBA 2K13 has been revealed today! The New Cover is three people deep and features the younger cats in the NBA. They are being called the “New Dynasty.” Can’t wait to play to see what improvements the game makes to this new chapter in the 2K franchise. They always have something up their sleeve and the music is always on point. List of artists aren’t known just yet, but will update you guys when that’s available. The Game comes out October 2nd.

As for the cover, what do you think?


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  • Kyle

    Why why whyyyyyyy, what is blake griffin doing on the cover !!!

  • Quinton Bray

    Thwy should put Allen Iverson on this game

  • james

    Why not Lebron James – Jordan was on 2k12 and Lebron Better sould be on all 2k – Lebron2K

  • PAUL


  • lollmao

    I don’t get it.. You guys gonna watch at the cover the whole time till 2k14 is out or play the fuckin game and don’t give a shit whos on that paper?

  • dangelo miller

    put allen iverson on the game

  • Ellie OGINO

    Nice performance

  • khangkhungkhernitz

    i think eric spoelstra should be in the cover.

  • ae

    This cover is wack. Launch a Lebron cover and see what cover sells more.

    • it’s not the cover your going to sit there and enjoy it’s the game. and how often do they put the champion on the cover? like once with kobe in 2k10

  • mike

    ya, where did blake griffin come from? one, obviously he did not win a championship, so wat the hell kind of idea ya puttin him on the cover, where is lebron?, he should of been on there. ya putting these players that did not win a championship on the cover. i understand kd is a great player but look at it like this, lebron have not been on one cover unleast ya talkin about putting him on nba live 13. 2k ya doing a good job but this is not wat the people are expecting as far as puttin lebron out and he just won a championship along with chris bosh, dwayne wade, mike miller and the rest!, those the big three should be on there but wat i just seen i really don’t know about that one. that’s all in minded but i hope the game comes out with great feeling, the greatest mvp is lebron james, and he earns alot of credit cause he worked so hard to get wat he deserve, and im not sayin just him but the rest of the miami players earns alot, they worked as a team and put that moment on the map and can’t nobody say there not fishently a good team cause they are

    • VC

      get over with 2k doesn’t put players that won mvp etc that season.. photoshop your own cover when its out u can just replace it..Problem solved.

  • kk

    weres king james

  • brus

    Guy just WON the 2012 MVP, NBA CHAMPION AND FINALS MVP.and still dont give a shit and Respect for the KING.just like telling us that the Apple your eating is an Orange.no wonder our economy is down.

  • this cover photo is to tough


    • Jacob B’ Balla


  • deejay03

    where the fuck is Lebron?!?! wins MVP then won the finals MVP?! Blake Griffin?? and respect for Kevin but he just lost…

  • and he played just as good in the playoffs and championship game

  • all yall are dumb yes lebron won the champship and everything but u dont think KD desivers to be? when has Lebron won leading league scorer in 3yrs str8..nvr

    • deejay03

      yeah KD should be there but Blake?

    • jwild

      never leauge leading scorer 3 years straight.. but uh, 3 time MVP? i think thats more important.. haha your just fucking retarded. KD get a ring this year?? ill wait..

      • Justin

        Hey man try to win scoring champion over kobe and the rest of these niggas… I think durant deserves that place in the cover more than lebron.

    • Tunelessdj

      Tru shit for real i don’t even think lebron should be on the cover. If u remember son just won his first championship and u actin like that nigga is God now

      • james

        no he not God HE’s BIGGER

  • mark

    no ones gonna buy that shit ,l,

    • Jacob B’ Balla

      i am fo’sho

  • Gilbert

    Man WTF Lebron wins mvp, finals mvp, and the ship and he’s not on the cover Lebron is the greatest player now will he ever get on the cover I swear 2k stupid I bet they going to add some sorry gamemode that involves them I wish they would go back to the basics and make the myplayer better

  • john williams

    fuck yall durant day lebron did not do shit derick deserves wat did blake do this year

    • james


  • billy


  • E.Soto

    If anything pick Durant but put Kobe in there the real MVP


    Lebron James Deserve This Because His THE KING AND “MVP”


  • alanzo

    kobe and dwight howard should be and the cover too

  • Ethan

    lebron durant and rose where tha fukk blake come from

  • guille

    this cover sucks lebron james…

    • alanzo

      derrick rose should not be no that cover

      • Jacob B’ Balla

        he is beast ya’ hater

  • Derrick Rose deserves to be on the cover

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  • ad

    lebron james should be on the pre order game which contains everything also

  • ad

    this cover sucks lebron james needs be on the damn cover

  • Alex

    Not bad….but i wouls like it better with Lebron in a throne behind them as the king! What do u think? It’s not too late!

  • I love your nice update

  • Roman

    I dont like the cover nba 2k13 covers this year

  • Tony

    Does it really matter whos on the cover? lets just hope theres improvements in the game.
    You can also photoshop your own cover if this one isnt amazing for you

  • tray

    Damn y yawl hating on rose that mfa deserve to be on the cover yawl some fuckin haters

  • LBJ4ever

    Lebron led the Cavs to back-to-back best NBA records by himself… and Jordan (LeBron) had Pippen (Wade) and Rodman (Bosh). So y’all need to quit hating on Lebron, He’s obviously the greatest player to ever play. No one can guard him, hes too big and strong.

    • ABM

      I’ll give you this: Lebron, if he keeps up current level of play (and there’s no reason short of injury that he won’t) will go down as one of the top three players ever. But the Jordan mistique will be very hard to overcome. Perhaps 20 years after he has retired people will look back and give him #1 — not while he’s actively playing tho.

  • Its badass all you lebron dick riders need to shut up, because yall dont know basketball.

  • Denzel

    Y isn’t LeBron on the cover!!!!!!!?????

  • Jon

    Why the hell is Derrick rose on the cover all he did last season was get injured

  • Jon

    This is the worst 2k cover yet no LEBRON JAMES MVP and CHAMPION

  • james

    it would be better with Lebron,Wade,Bosh

  • FTS

    Dirk isn’t on the 2K12 cover for finals MVP nor is Rose for regular MVP. Funny how i don’t remember ANYONE crying about that one.

  • Mike

    can ya just put a monkey on the cover with a basketball…save money by not paying so much to these players..

  • Mike

    can ya just put a money of the cover with a basketball..cheaper that way…:)

  • Ronald Piñon

    I thought u will feature LBJ on the cover? I think he deserved to be the main cover of 2k13 since they won the chapionship, being final’s mvp and regular season’s mvp. That is your yrending am i right?

  • nbafan

    you guys sound really stupid how does this look terrible?

  • tenchy

    Rose Aint Do nothin this season

    • David

      Eh its called injury tons of fun and for 9 years lebron didn’t do nothing either so will were rose is at the time of lebron’s first ring and it took lebron 2 other top stars d rose has lead his time to the best record in the nba for the past 2 years

  • Jay

    I Like This Cover Red White Nd Blue Good Job 2k Sports

  • Dwill

    nba 2k1 cover >>> nba 2k13 cover.

  • wow. very nice 2k13 cover.

  • john

    hey ! the cover is totally right. There has been no mvp of the same year that they put on the cover on every nba game.

  • this is bull shit, there should be only one player on the cover

  • eric

    Haha!! This is a joke right ?

  • deron

    Rose and Griffin on the cover? roflmao. Why are they in it?What did they do? Yah, nothing.

    • David

      Lol i know right rose and griffin or in the start of their careers it took lebron 9 years and two other great players to win that title but yet rose and the bulls can have the top seed for 2 straight years i think the cover is fair

  • i think the reason why they picked them is because lebron james is going to be on the nba live 13 cover

    • Ronald Piñon

      SO what? There nothing wrong even both of them covers LBJ on their game.

  • White Mamba vs Black Mamba

    fuck this shit Scalabrine got snubbed again…… i call BULLSHIT!

  • nba mvp lebron james should be the nba 2k13 cover, not that 3 losers…

  • Ant

    That’s a horrible choice, lebron should be on it he was mvp and champion this year I’m not a lebron fan but he deserves it u really should take kd out of the pic beacause he lost in finals and rose was hurt most of the year take him out and Blake don’t deserve to be there period if u want KD put lebron on there with him cuz KD was mvp in all star week and lebron was mvp of season and both went to finals

  • MrFerks

    lol i would rather cut out 2k12 cover change the 12 to 13 and it would be way better than this shiet

  • dafuq

    i can make better cover than that..

  • Bob

    you’re fucked 2k, lebron should be on there

  • tomi salami

    Blake griffin isnt the best player on his team, D rose is going to be out for like half of the year, and durant just got outplayed in the NBA finals. Where is the current nba and finals mvp? Lebron just got snubbed….

  • wow

    griffin on a cover….. really?REALLY? Cover looks terrible thought no doubt nba live will have better one…smh

  • What An Ugly Cover Should Have Had The Heat On It With Westbrooke Dunkin On Them Lol!!!

  • schlappo rappo

    Yes that Looks Terrible. Where Is LeBron James ? Hes The best Player !

  • PLZ

    change engine!

  • not feeling it….
    bron should be on that.

  • Raymond

    Oh god that looks terrible.