NBA 2K13 Video Interview with Erick Boenisch

Posted June 25, 2012 by Simon in News

NBA 2K13 returns to the hardwood with a number of new features. While most of them haven’t been revealed just yet, we do know that the game will include some great new animation touches so that it’ll look more realistic than ever.

In addition, 2K Sports is also adding some events from the NBA All Star Game as a special pre-order bonus for those who buy the game early in its release. These include a number of events that you can play with ANY NBA superstar or legend, including the Rising Stars Challenge, the Three Point Shoot-Out and, our personal favorite, the Slam Dunk Contest. With this, instead of controlling your player in real time, you’ll engage in a push-button competition, where you need to hit as many buttons as successfully as possible. The more buttons you hit right, the better your dunk is. Again, the game is still quite early, even just over three months in release, but the company plans to release more details in the weeks ahead.

That didn’t stop Boenisch from talking in-depth about the game, and the features we can expect from it. So if you want to catch that video interview, just click below and watch to your heart’s content.

Interview by GamerLive.Tv


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