Video: NBA 2K13 E3 First Look Gameplay and Dunk Contest

Posted June 5, 2012 by Simon in News

Check out the analysis of the first look gameplay from E3 that aired on Spike TV. It features the western conference matchup Spurs vs. Thunder.

Quality isn’t the greatest and this is a very early build of the game. There’s plenty of room for improvement before the game is released. We also get a sneak peak of the all new dunk contest mode. They redesigned the way you perform the dunks and it is in the arena instead of the NBA Blacktop.


  • Mark

    Dunk Contest, GH system? That’s just terrible. NBA Live had the best Dunk Contest system, go with what they did.

  • Jan Kiefte

    Loveeeeeeeeee it that the all-star weekend is finaly in the game, it was for me the only thing missing in the best game in the world. I also hope that there is a edit mode or that we get updates for the way that players look, for instant Michael Beasley and Manu Ginobili hair was wrong in 2K12 all season long, please update things like this to keep a perfect game all season long. Further I would like it if I can play the real matches when the play-offs begin.

    Greetings Jan Kiefte, the Netherlands, San Antonio Spurs fan.

  • Jon

    Dunk contest looks kind of odd with the GH system, but then again, it’s not the entire focus of the game. I guess it makes the dunks easier to pull off so to speak.