NBA 2K12: dcoopSon scores 111 points in my player mode

Posted April 14, 2012 by Simon in News

Three weeks ago QJB broke Wilt’s 100 points record in my player mode (109 points). Today dCoopSon beats this record again scoring 111 points! The video begin at the 3rd quarter, dCoopSon explain why in his video description:

“Sorry for starting to record this video late I was at home and didn’t have my PVR so in the late 3rd quarter I saved the game so you guys can see me pursue Wilt Chamberlains record with PG and pay homage to a basketball great on NBA 2K12. This game was pretty intense despite being subbed out at the very end which was pretty frustrating, I wanted to chase this record with my PF instead but after the All Star game they moved me back to the bench for some reason. Also pay attention that I shoot a good percentage from the field this game. Yes I’m aware this is ball hogging and I apologize in advance I don’t normally play like this just wanted to show that I could attempt to do it.”

Can you do it?


  • Yan Luis

    I score 124 with my player sitting most of the first qter playing just 35 min,also have the record in assist with 32 breaking scott skiles 30 assist record,win a game without shoot a single ball concentrating just in my defense and passing ending with 21 assist in that game,i also acumulate almost 16,000 point over just 4 season averaging 39 point in the first season a 50+ y the last 3 and i stop playing that game a year and a half ago…

  • i score 3,000,000 points

  • Mr.Kurupt

    how to make 12 minutes per quarter in my player mode

  • Haha I pity my self because I thought I am the best player but when I saw this page i only see my self as a rookie 😀

  • I score 141 pts

  • kamilosnygga

    I score 124 points !