Lebron James on the cover of NBA 2K13?

Posted April 4, 2012 by Simon in News

Further to our poll Who will be on the cover of NBA 2K13?, LeBron James takes the first place (924 votes) followed by Derrick Rose (880 votes). You are nearly 30% to think that LeBron James will be on the cover of NBA 2K13!

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  • kulotzki

    No traitors should be allowed on a very respected game

  • Jon swaren

    LEBRON JAMES MUST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Be on the cover of NBA 2k13 he was MVP,NBA CHAMPION,NBA FINALS MVP,TOP 3 SCORING TOP 10 ASSISTS TRIPLE DUBBLE IN CLOSE OUT GAME AND SOON TO BE 2 TIME OLYIMPIC GOLD MEDALIST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • men they should put the finals MVP LJ

  • Tyrone

    Lebron he Deserve it 9 years he waittedddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddd

  • Maurice

    Shouldve been Brian scalabrine
    The quality champ.
    I mean but lebron does deserve it now he’s at the pace of the mambas speed. Now let’s see who gets to there second first.

  • it should be lebron because hes the mvp this year and he is going to win a ring

  • Isaiah smith

    I love lebron so muccccccccccccccccccccch that I would die for him lebron is the greatest of greats point blank good luck lbj6

  • Jordan Holmes

    It should be Kobe he could have won the scoring title if he wanted to, he gave it to KD. If bron is the cover than dwade and bosh are side by side with him cuz we all know bron wouldnt be where he is without them two. Kobe he had a great season probably last great season we’ll see out of him give it to him!

  • jamarion

    Bronie should be on the cover of 2k13

  • kobeisgay

    Lebron should be the cover, he is the best in the nba at the moment plain and simple and anyone who thinks durant is better than lebron has something wrong with their brain

  • cj

    kevin durant should be on the cover , he s the best player on the planet !! #simple

  • Tresean Ward

    Put Melo on the cover he better than LeBron.

  • Bandido


  • kobe dunking on lebron cover or the champions pf 2012 or the lakers i really like la and kobe has only been on one

  • deshaun


  • Doyler

    It should be Durant. Especially when he picks up his first championship this year.

  • jhaugenes@yahoo.com

    im a bulls fan but why is derrick rose in second he was hurt half of the season and lebron james should not be on the cover it should be somebody actually good like Kevin Durant or kevin love russell westbrook

    • Jared9245

      LeBron James is better than Derrick Rose will ever be. Thanks and watch ’em win!!!

      • Tresean Ward

        HELL NAW! Youngest MVP in history. If Lebron is so great where is his ring. He could’ve had one last year but he choked.

  • Marcus

    i’m a MFFL (Mavs Fan For Life) but we all know LeBron will grace the cover of 2K13

    • Marcus

      or D.Rose

  • jordan garcia

    how about drose kobe dhoward lbj kd together

  • rob

    i think lbj deserves it

  • jonnyshaw10

    Make a cover of LeBron James with the ball staring down Kevin Durant! that would be sick!

  • lord gabriel

    we all want kd but lets btfr its gunna be lebron or another legend.

  • Kenneth Hearn

    3 additions. 1. With Lebron. 1. With Wade. 1 With Bosh that no1 will want.

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  • Amari

    Yea a callabo Kevin durant and Lebron James that would be sick but fuck the cover make the game better

  • Sandro

    What? ok if that happens im not buying 2k13

  • jason santos


  • Kevin love,Kobe Bryant,Jerry west,Kevin Durant, cj Watson ,john Lucas,

  • lebron vs kd on the same cover they both need it….madden did it why not nba 2k

  • Berne Mandaku


  • Linsanity

    Jeremy Lin!
    thats if he comes back in the playoff and leads the knicks to the championship.

    • jason santos

      leads to championship?
      what is their standings?
      how about Miami?

    • andre


  • scotty

    rondo he is one of the only point guards to get triple-doubles.

  • nicanor

    whoever wins the Finals MVP should be the cover of NBA 2K12,

    or it could be the Champion team.
    Champion team as cover? why not.

  • eijah

    i say lebron but make the graphics on the wii like on the ps3 plz!

  • durant or blake griffen or derrick rose all day!

  • K.D35


    kkkkkkeeeeevvvviinnnnnnn ddddddddddduuuuurrrrrraaaaaannnnnnntttttt

  • Erbody kno dat LeBron The King James gon be on da cover who did not kno dat

  • lebron definately should be and his rating should be 99 hes awesome!!!!!

  • midget


  • James

    Yes lebron needs this he better than rose

    • devin

      hell nawl boy

  • Matt

    I thought that Shaq should have been on the cover of 2k12 because of his retirement.

  • dms

    Place MVP of previous season. No more MJ (just for special edition) on covers. Lebron’s so good, but Kevin’s much better this season.

  • tucker

    Just put the star player on whatever team wins the playoffs like maybe the big 3 or derrick rose or rondo



  • TheREapeR_17

    Just let 2k decide… all I want is new.. I hope they will put Slam dunk contest and 3 point shootout

  • TheREapeR_17

    It should be Dirk Nowitzki ..the MVP of 2011 champ… =)) DIRk…!! DIrk..!!

  • Jon

    They should put, They person win finals MVP,or MVP of the leauge.

  • Kevin durant should be on the cover way more than Lebron James. Kevin durant in playing like the best player in the NBA.

    • K.D35

      yesssss sure kevin durant the best player in 2011 season

  • shaheen

    depends which team wins the playoffs. if miami wins, then lebron will be on it. if OKC wins, then KD, if bulls win d rose etc.

  • Sam

    D. Rose, KD, or Kevin Love.

  • Alex


  • Lance

    Kevin Love…. Anybody else would be dumb, except for D.Rose

  • Probably KD.

  • makaveli

    Lebron on 2k13 cover? April 1st was 3 days ago….
    There are at least 3 players that deserves to be on the cover more than Lebron and Kobe is NOT among them.

  • Kevin Duratn or Derrick Rose deserves to be the cover of it.

  • Leonardo

    Yes but he won the ring..
    Si ma se vince l’anello

  • lencho

    KD in my opinion

  • jacob hartley-king

    wat about rajon rondo??????

  • WHAT?

    Why do you guys always get back on the “ring” thing? if that is the case then Bill Russell(with his 11 RINGS!!) should have been like the face of 2k..

  • Derrick

    Lebron ?? Nba2K30

  • boi yallkno its lebron james all thaa way qet ya money up

  • david

    I don’t agree that he should be in it. I think it should be someone from the maverick’s since they won last season! If it was like that I would have put carmello in the cover or kobe!

  • hec


  • I Think Kevin Durant Is More Worth It.

  • fdgfgfgdfg

    I dont think lebron must be in the cover because he dosen’t have any rings!

    • he gone get him one this year….ii think Lebron James should be on the front, back, and side..

    • Mauricio

      There are a lot of guys on covers who doesn’t have rings also… Weak argument.

      I would say no to Lebron, because it’s THE MOST HATED PLAYER today (yeah, I still hear lots of boos on every court just for him)

  • tom

    Is this a Joke
    D.Rose all the way!!

  • HeatXjrX

    Lebron has been doing great all seaon he should be on the cover

  • I think lebron james should be on the cover of nba 2k13!