NBA 2K13 Release Date Announced

Posted March 29, 2012 by Simon in News
  • They should put a my player story about the players lifes and We could make it up then Choose where to End.

  • jakell

    have them make the players act how they act in real life like lets say if durant hit a game winner make them act like he act and slam dunk and 3poin contest on assiostion mode also make them fuss when get foul and flagret foul please make dat it will be the best

    • McLean

      They should maybe have Jordan, Bird and Johnston on the cover all together or maybe the 3 best players in the league at the moment etc Rose, Lebron, Durant. Possibly even the 3 best players for the finals winning team etc Heat Bron, Wade, Bosh. OKC Durant, Westbrook, Harden. Bulls Rose, Deng, Noah. Celtics Pierce, Rondo, Ray Allen unless retires Garnett. That’s just an example now come on that would be a great cover 🙂

  • i think it would be cool if in the assotiation they can invite you to the slam dunk contests and three point contests.

    • leo

      you meeen my player?

  • Mr.Kurupt

    boston big 4

    • fLICK dADDY


  • matt

    they need to add a control for certain type of passes like a bounce pass

  • matt

    kobe bryant

  • 2k master

    I think the miami heat team is just overrated when it comes to 2k12 gameplay! Its just disrispectfull to increase lebron james overall to 99 when no one should have michael jordans overall… Any player that doesnt even know how to play 2k12 uses the miami heat and is not even easy to beat them! 2k needs some changes

  • Yarin Shaked
    • chris mack

      KD rolls with ea sports

  • tom

    I wont buy it if LeBron James is the only option on the cover

  • KMTrey28

    should Put Derrick Rose on the cover

  • They should put the team who won the finals on the cover

  • Kevin

    they should put the MIAMI BIG THREE’S

  • Gizmo

    NBA 2k is the best NBA and sports game on the planet bar none I would just make the My Player mode a bit more interactive like more things to do off court and slam dunk and 3 point contests and more to do other than just play ball but other than that I know this is gona be another awesome game….. CANT WAIT!!!!

  • ess

    boo! another game again coming soon. haha

    • why don’t you shut the heck up don’t you see people love this game way to get into peoples space.

  • Martin

    Does anyone of you, tried official game patch? Most of those bugs are fixed. Online works just perfectly.

  • Andrew

    I’ve played basketball for a long time and I’ve got to say that there are lots of things NBA 2K creators should improve.
    One thing I’ve noticed is if you’ve played NBA 2K9, 2K10, 2K11 and 2K12 long enough eventually you would start to see some kind of routine. Like for example you would knew when player is going to pass, when he is going to shot and whether he’ll make his shot or not.
    So firstly you should make AI act more appropriate.
    Secondly players should be able to control other players in more specific way, like f.e if you are PG you should be able to do Pick&Rolls more accurately (even some kind of special practice mode for that would be good).
    And what comes after that is – passing. It’s just so bad in NBA 2K12, no matter that your passing skill is maxed out, your player would still throw the ball to the hands of your opponents, and that just makes this whole skill points collecting thing ridiculous, because eventually you will pass badly with your overral passing skill raiting 99 as you did it with 50. More control of passing is needed.
    Next thing is dribble moves. It’s so difficult to cross the guys in NBA 2K12 (even if you are a point guard and you’re trying to cross the center position guy). They should make the dribbling thing more difficult but more effective too, that way it would not just be a thing of how much of skill points you did put to your dribble moves, but what you can actually do yourself.
    That are just some thing that should be improved in gameplay (but there’s so much more).
    Other thing is graphics. It’s 2012 year out there and they still can’t make some players look a like in a game. Seriously? Spend some time on it, make players unique, not the same. Also improve overral graphics, because the graphics engine that is there now is too old, it’s started with NBA 2K9 and it’s still the same! Guys make something new!
    As for additional stuff like All-Star weekend I agree, it would be cool to make 3pt contest etc. But the only thing that can keep gamers playing this new NBA 2K13 is good gameplay. So improve it dammit!!!
    (There’s so much to improve, but I don’t really have time to write everything down here and also I don’t get paid for that, directors of game get though, so get your asses up and start creating something that would make us (gamers) proud of you.)

    • carl

      Very well said!

  • Dernell Donelson

    They really should put the MVP on the front cover of 2k13

  • Ricardo Pereira\

    Won´t buy again, 2011 and 2012 versions were so bad online for Portuguese players… enough for me

  • Dan

    They should put Ray Allen on the cover

    • Paul

      no lebron james

    • elan

      kevin durant

    • jamal

      please put lebron james on the cover