QJB Breaks Wilt’s 100 Point Record

Posted March 24, 2012 by Simon in Videos

QJB is making an attempt to break a 50 year old record set by Wilt Chamberlain in 1962. Wilt scored 100 points and Neal Bridges wants to try to break it while equipped with his All-Star LeBron 9’s.


And you what is your record?


  • josh

    pretty sure somewhere in the 70s

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  • mo

    my record is 132 points, 11 assists, 6 rebounds and 7 steals in one game

    • Garrett

      my records 125, 3, 11, 17

  • :D

    My Records 111 😀 ead

  • alberto

    how do you call for the alley opp pass

    • mo

      same as throwing one LT and B

      • alberto

        but for ps3

    • Treyn

      L2 + Circle while running to the rim

  • Bob

    Guys can u do that on HOF

  • Richard

    I had 141 pts. 2nd is 132 pts… equiped only by AdiZero Crazylight…

  • man…… I had 101 points twice

  • the dark side

    110 8 min qtrs suck it qjb 🙂

  • my record is 67

  • Josh

    He was all SWAGG out making all those shots breaking the record of 100pts. and he got 109pts.

  • Freddie Akwuegbu

    On 2k11 I dropped 125 points 9 minute qts im pretty sure i can do it again on 2k12

  • Lawson Beh

    How do u call for alleys

    • the same way you throw them… if you dont have the, just run towards the basket n press the alley-oop buttons n the’ll throw em to you

  • Dt

    My guy did this shit in 2k11 child’s play

  • Dats nothing o did 136 points and i didnt upgraded him

  • Sam

    i have the all star lebrons in real life my favorite shoes… #swagg