Who will be on the cover of NBA 2K13?

Posted February 28, 2012 by Simon in News

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  • dylan walls

    it doesn’t really matter who they put on the cover, the game is going to sale itself. as far as having the best player on the game, it wouldn’t even be a contest. Lebron James is the best player by far.

  • It should be rondo not lin

  • Rami helo

    Kobe Kobe it should be him he’s career is whinding down and lakers are more popular

  • ryan

    lebron james by far because nobody could guard him he’s ungarteble!

  • keymah

    corey brewer or ronnie brewer who are brother should have of 2k13

  • foghorn leghorn

    Lebron may have 3 MVP’s but no championship. Blake Griffin all the way!

    • dylan walls

      blake griffin doesn’t have a ring either bro. and if you watched the finals you’d know that lebron has a ring

  • derrion goins

    Lebron James should b on the cover hes a 3-time mvp that tells it all

    • three word not a champ but d-wade is

  • isaiah

    wtf is lin there he is not good he only had some good games

  • james

    rajon rondo should be where jeremy lin is i think its crazy hes even in the discution

  • Doyler

    It should be Durant. Especially when he picks up his first championship this year.

    • dylan walls

      considering durant was a ghost throughout the finals it would be a huge mistake to put him on the cover

  • Marcel

    Derrick Rose for the win

  • kobe is better than all of them not lebron as u no lebron has 0 rings kobe has 5

  • luis

    jeremy lin

    • deandre

      lebron james the mvp

      • derrion goins

        Mvp lbj all day

  • bdash

    Drose or KD not anyone frm miami

  • Tyler Murray

    Kevin Durant all day. He should win MVP also.

  • Julian Rivera

    LeBron James.

  • Christian Plummer

    Lebron James Alll Day!!!!

  • makaveli

    Rose – didn’t play much this season.
    Lebron – should’ve been on the cover few years ago, not now.
    Kobe – i like him, but he has his “prime time”.
    Even a Lin would be better than Kobe at this point.
    I’d go for Durant.

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  • D Rose no doubt

  • ramiro

    derrick rosseee all day

  • RenzMahinay1997@yahoo.com

    Derrick Rose he`s the best !!!!

  • Emman

    its LeBron..
    coz. he did great dunkss…

  • there is no one better than kobe bryant!!

  • boka


  • SvejednoJe


  • hector

    Lebron James!! cmon man, enough is enough!! LBJ!!

  • Билгээ

    LebroN JameS

  • Pouria

    The New Big3 ! Dirk Nowitzki – Dwight Howard – Deron Williams

    • Julian Rivera

      All on different teams DUMB FUCK

  • K.D35

    kevin durant

  • Vinicius Lopes

    Durant, Love or Rajon Rondo

  • Jackitout

    Kevin Durant & Kevin Love shoudl be also there to vote.

    Voted 4 Rose

  • Hamid

    I go for Dirk Nowitzki…!!!

  • ryle1107

    LBJ the monster!!

  • Jon

    Dwight Howard if he leave magic

  • Tione

    Derrick Rose will be on the cover!!!

  • Berk Bulgan

    Griffin and CP3

  • MJ

    Michael Jordan,
    play NBA game again by 2K12 Jordan’s cover also,
    and use 92-93 or 98 bulls to vs Kobe, Lebron….
    all win!

  • wakokok

    Kevin Durant deserves to be the cover of NBA 2K13

  • LBJ06MVP

    Lebron James He deserve it

  • FoxTrot

    Dwade, Drose, Jeremy Lin, or Lebron James

  • fslordfita

    chuck norris!

  • Henz

    Derrick Rose or Kevin Durant, but Derrick is a MUCH better pick for this year, and Durant should be on the cover next year.

  • derrick rose,if not……..that’s d.wade

  • Nickers

    How dare they even add Jeremy lin in the pole…. And to leave out durant.. Wow! Some people are stupid

    • NBA

      you speak the truth

    • bdash

      So true jeremy lin hadd a couple good games who cares thts the last u will hear of him

  • Julian

    Derrick Rose!!

  • robert w

    kevin durant

  • xanxus

    john stockton 😀

  • zaran

    kobe bryant!

  • Derrick Rose!!!!!

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