NBA 2K12 Receives Patch to Fix Freezing Issues

Posted February 27, 2012 by Simon in News

For Playstation 3 fans of NBA 2K12, it’s been a frustrating few months.  While it hasn’t hit every gamer on the PS3, a rather large amount of them have been suffering a freezing issue with the game when it is started up.

2K Sports promised a patch, and we’re happy to let you know that it is officially here.  When launching your game for the Playstation 3, you’ll be prompted to download and install a patch for NBA 2K12.  This patch will include a fix that 2K Sports has said will fix the freezing issue when the game is initially booted.

Have you downloaded the patch for NBA 2K12 yet?  If you had been experiencing the freezing issue previous to the patch, have you been able to load up your game without any issues?  Be sure to let us know what you think by leaving us a comment below.


  • Carmelo

    I never played a basketball game this good before but I can rarely play it because it freezes up all the time we should be given refunds and apologies I will not buy another 2k product until they get shit together you guys suck

  • ROE


  • Jdawg420

    ummm for some reason on pc i dont hear the annoucers talkin no more and the game closes on me everytime i beat a game like it doent even let me talk to the press can anyone help me? i got the pa in settings turned all the way up

  • Brab

    Ive got black armed rookies and during Association I get to many freezes during gameplay with rainbow colors coming out

  • Randol

    does this fix the freezing problem in the my player and create a legend modes?

  • my player rosters have gone back to the original ones and i can no longer connect to nba online?? what the heck?

  • jasmin mckenzie

    Where do I find the patch to download for my playstation 3?

  • Jonathan

    Its not working for me

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  • Tj cooper

    I had a problem without freezing up on my player when I win the championship. I just thought the game did not want me to win it in my rookie year…lol

  • Landson Phiri

    My game still freezes everytime I am about to quit it and go to talk to the press, how do I download the new patch anyways, I started up my game twices and nothing has came up asking me download it??

  • d528781

    My my player mode freezes at the half time report could anyone help me

  • coach for t’wolves has black hands but white body, association freezes on me, and that’s after the update..on xbox 360

  • Jan

    BLACK ARMS ARE BACK on the already-started-offline-association games. and the rookies are missing again i believe.

  • Will some one please create a patch for nba 2k12 that wont cause the players socks to dissapear when ankle braces are edited on!

  • THANK YOU. I thought my copy of the game was broken, and was about to trade it in. Hopefully this will do the trick.